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Fumaq warrants to replace each Break Drum or Hub which becomes to present a failure within one year of manufacturing date to failure date due to functional defects or materials, excluding finish.

This warranty is not applying if any failure is caused because other components, improper maintenance or missed, wrong application, damage by accident, improper installation, or other severe or improper operating conditions.

This limited warranty apply after receive the failed part in our facilities, Vehicle information as kilometers driven, installation date and maintenance records.

The warranty approval can be accepted only after failure part analysis developed by a Fumaq authorized personal and if the result reflects that the failure is a Fumaq responsibility the replacement will be FOB our facilities. The failure part has to be sent to our facilities with prepaid freight.

This warranty applies over commercial value of failure part. In any case the Fumaq responsibility exceed the original price of the part and Fumaq has not liability for special, incidental or consequential damages.

Esta garantía se aplicará sobre el valor comercial de la parte que haya fallado. En ningún evento la responsabilidad de Fumaq debe exceder el precio original del producto, Fumaq no debe ser responsabilizado por daños especiales, incidentales o consecuentes.

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