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Among the qualities of our new line of brake drums and hubs are the following:

– A few decades ago, the average weight of a brake drum and hub was approximately 75 kg. The weight of our FUMAQ Plus Line is 41.5 kg, which makes it 10 kg lighter than our current competition.
– Our products of the FUMAQ Plus Line have been subjected to important and extreme dynamometer tests, in which their resistance and braking were tested.
– When you obtain our FUMAQ Plus Line of brake drums and mallets, you will save not only the weight of the products, but also the fuel. Also savings in lubricants of the hubs such as grease and oil.
– The bearings and seals of the vehicle will work at a lower temperature which will reduce its wear.
– The new FUMAQ Plus Line increases the payload of your vehicle.
– The FUMAQ Plus Line brake drums and hubs have a longer durability than any other brand.
– When using the FUMAQ Plus Line you will notice a better handling when replacing drums and clubs because they are lighter.
With this new line you will experience the best braking performance, which will result in less maintenance time and operating costs

It is important to highlight that our product is unique in the market, so you will not find better brake drums or hubs than our FUMAQ Plus Line.

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